Scouted At Last!!!

2013-01-29 13:59:36 by takopako

Now I see the significance of the scouting program. i submitted tons of art and nobody really paid attention to it, then i submitted one piece and received several scout offers. Through this battle, i have learned what people want to see and what they expect to see. And now, with this knowlege, i will deliver!


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2013-01-29 16:20:57

Well done. Don't let the power get to you, though. Utilise it well.

takopako responds:

Lol, i intend to do just that.


2013-06-04 05:09:24

Non-Scouted folks still appear on a list but only a few people take time to see them so yeah being scouted = Awesome time to me it sounds like ranked mode in a game only the good one get to see it or something i get tangled in my words

takopako responds:

makes sense to me!!! XD